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Higher Grounds

Between Sunday Services
Higher Grounds is our time of fellowship following each of our morning worship services.  It's a time where everyone can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, latte, or cold drink, and a light snack.  Volunteers are always welcome to help with set up, providing food items, serving, making coffee or lattes, and cleaning up. 

Jean Heiss:

"   Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.    "

- 1 Corinthians 10:31

First Impressions

Greeters + Welcome Crew

Be the first to welcome visitors and answer questions, help people find the best seats available, and create a welcoming environment for those beginning the Journey with Jesus.

Pastor Daria Roesch:


Building Care, Cleaning, Construction + more

Enable ministry by helping to care for Edgewood's building and grounds.

Pastor Tom Kilburn:

Serving in the Move to

111 E. Jefferson Rd.

Looking to help with our move to 111 East Jefferson? We have many different areas for volunteers. Please check out our list below.

Opportunities to Serve in the Move to

111 E. Jefferson Rd.

October 5th-10th Moving out of 250 Edgewood ave

Pastor Tom (General Facility and Grounds)

  • Building the sanctuary platform—20 x 40 with a short ramp and a step on the front

  • Building a moveable platform for the teen area in the old pool area- possibly 8 x 12 with 3 sections

  • Building a platform for the children’s area- not sure the possible size

  • Demo of old structure in the children’s area.

  • Demo of play house, to be moved from one place to another in the children’s area

  • Removal of mirrors and other items on the walls in the fellowship area

  • Paint the fellowship hall

  • Take up and dispose of tile floor in the fellowship area

  • Demo shelving in the gym storage area

  • Repair the wood floor in the fellowship area

  • Clean out the old pool filter room

  • Move the children’s play house and mini deck from the playground area to the parking lot

  • General yard clean up

  • Clean, organize and possibly paint the maintenance office area

  • Demo old cabinets in children’s area

  • Move cabinets in the children’s area

  • Clean, off a ladder, the beams and high places, that have cob webs throughout the building

  • Move the sanctuary chairs, all other chairs, tables and misc items to 111

  • Clean out the storage shed and move the equipment to 111


Loren Lucio (Youth Ministries)

  •  Pack up and Move teen equipment, furniture, misc. materials from 250 to 111

  • Change the wallpaper in office at 111

  • Paint walls in office

  • Deep clean office

  • Possibly get rid of extra electrical wiring and plumbing


Lisa Murphy (Children’s Ministries)

At 250 Edgewood Ave:

Packing: please label boxes with CM, the room items came from, and general idea of what is in the box. Example: CM, Nursery, craft supplies

Club 45 room:

  • Pack contents of wood cabinets

  • Pack contents of metal cabinets

  • Pack contents of wood bookcase

Sprouts room:

  • Pack all toys

  • Pack all items from shelves

  • Pack all items from wood and metal cabinets

  • Remove pictures and posters from walls and pack

Green room:

  • Pack all items from wood and metal cabinets

  • Pack bookshelf

  • Pack all random toys and craft supplies


  • Pack all toys, etc.

All Rooms (above)

  • Move cabinets and bookshelves to 111

Fellowship Hall:

  • Pack all random items from the CM area (back left closet) not already boxed, label all boxes

  • Move all boxes to 111 E. Jefferson

East Jefferson

  • Painting: Please contact Lisa Murphy for paint, paint colors, and to clarify any of the jobs listed below

    • Edgekidz preschool

    • Paint hallway outside of Edgekidz preschool room and Lisa/ Amanda’s office

    • Clean Edgekidz preschool room

    • Remove large Cupboards. The cupboards are on the same wall as the sink but not the ones attached or above the sink.

    • Paint sprouts room

    • Paint orange room.

    • Vacuum and clean

    • Clean sink and cupboard area in orange room

    • Clean high windows in preschool and nursery rooms


  • Remove wood shelf from outside adventure center

  • Paint outside of the adventure center and hallway area.

  • Remove mystery mountain stuff outside adventure center doors

  • Paint all hallways

  • Clean boys and girls bathrooms

Adventure Center

  • Relocate yellow slide from adventure center to (PT?)

  • Remove the playhouse and try to relocate to the sprouts room (PT?)

  • Remove foam blocks and such, clean and relocate them to the teen area

  • Remove and dispose of ABC rug from adventure center

  • Paint adventure center

  • Build stage

  • Clean black floor tiles

  • Remove wood cart

Yellow room across from the Adventure Center

  • Clean floors, cupboards and sink

  • Paint Yellow room

  • Remove white and blue cabinets and dispose of them

  • Remove white strip from yellow room wall

CM Office at End of Hallway

  • Paint Lisa/ Amanda’s office and possible carpet installment


Pastor Daria

Packing up her office to move it: 

  • desk and contents

  • filing cabinet and contents

  • books

Packing up the Info Desk:

  • contents of Info Desk and magazine rack to move

  • Info Desk and magazine rack moved to 111


Jean Brick (Church Library)

  • Pack up all contents of the library

  • Move all contents of the library to the new building and unload

  • Move the book cases to the new building


Pastor Doug

  • Packing and relocating files from 250 to 111

  • Moving a file cabinet to 111


Jean Heiss (Hospitality)

  • Kitchen needs to be packed up

  • Dispose of outdated hospitality items

  • Café needs to be packed up

  • Refrigerator needs to be defrosted and moved

  • Tables and chairs need to be moved to 111

  • Decorations need to come down, be packed up, and moved to 111

  • Parlor cabinets need to be packed up and moved to 111


Caryn Wright (Office)

  • Pack and move office supplies

  • Move all the file cabinets to the new building

  • Help in cleaning the current building

Children's Ministries

Pre K- 5th grade

Help shape the next generation by engaging them with the Gospel to help build their faith. Work directly with children through Bible stories, songs, and group activities or work behind the scenes to provide the best experience possible for kids and parents.

Children's Ministries Director Lisa Murphy:

Investing In Our Future

In our kids ministries, our mission is to help kids find their way to God, connect with others, and contribute to changing the world. We believe that kids have the capacity to walk intimately with God, and we love to see them learn about Him and connect with Him through Bible stories, songs, and crafts.

Youth Ministries

6th-12th Grade

Invest in our youth as they take next steps to grow spiritually on a weekly basis at youth group and on Sunday morning during teen talks. Help out with retreats, and special events to see our teens grow in community and help them become the people of God through various activities.

Youth Director Loren Lucio:

Still Looking?

We have ministries for all types of people. Introverts, extroverts, good with technology, good with writing, good with children. You name it and we will work with you.

Caring Ministries


Provide meals for those returning home from a hospitalization, or those with a new baby. Encourage those in need by visiting them in person, calling them on the phone, or writing a special note.

Amy Kittleson:

Healthy Harvest

Mentoring + Youth

Edgewood has partnered with the parents and teachers of the Plymouth neighborhood and School 19 in inner city Rochester to provide weekly tutoring and Bible Club during the school year. Our Urban Missionary Kim Roth leads these ministries and is always looking for more Serve Team members.

Urban Missionary Kim Roth:

A little Rochester Love

A big focus for Edgewood is to take care of our community. We try to find anyway we can to help families and schools like School 19. Let us know if you have any places of ministry you would like to work in.

Worship Arts

Musical + Slides + More

The Worship Arts serve team exists to create environments that help people begin the journey with Jesus. We use music, drama, technology, stage design, and other creative elements to welcome people and fulfill the mission of our church.

Worship Director Ephram Wilkoff: