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2020 Vision: New building expenses + rebranding.
Healthy Harvest: Helps our local ministry provide supplies for tutoring, buildling costs and more.

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Edgewood Abolitionist and & Foster Parents: Helps us support the people we care about who are making a change.

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2020 Vision

Moving Buildings

2020 Vision is our first "Compassion First" stewardship campaign to raise funds for the purchase and renovation of the former Southeast YMCA building in order to advance the cause of Christ.

It has been the goal of Edgewood to relocate for around 20 years. Historically, we had three opportunities where relocating was probable, and the door closed in each instance. With the former YMCA building, God has opened door after door. We will follow His lead in order to help more people begin the journey and grow in their relationship with Jesus.


This space will be the new kitchen! It will be used for Higher Grounds, events, and more.

Our Goal

Our biggest goal when moving to our new building is to reach more people. Not to grow in popularity, but to help MORE people connect with Christ and start their journey with him. This new location is better for us, with more parking, and allows us to keep our Children's Ministries in a secure wing.

Entryway to the worship hall

This view is the lobby looking into the entrance of the worship hall & teen area.

Teen Room

At last! The pool has been filled in! This area initially will be used as teen space once the renovations are complete.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this big change. We are ever so grateful!