Reopening Procedures

Please carefully read through our Covid-19 opening procedures before joining us for  public Worship.

Sign-Up and Pre-Screening

  • Requirements: We require proper mask wearing at all times along with social distancing.
  • Entrance and Exit: (NEW for 111 E. Jefferson Rd.) Attendees will enter and exit by the front door. 
  • Pre-screening: At the table in the lobby, attenders will be screened by: Answering standard questions about Covid (which many have likely already answered if they’ve been to a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment in the last couple of months).

To Be Expected Upon arrival at the building:

  • Social Distancing: All attendees must maintain a six-foot distance from those who are not part of their household while at church. We ask those wishing to greet each other to do so outside.

  • Face Masks: Masks must remain on at all times in the building, and outside on church property if six feet cannot be maintained. Note: Those serving on the platform will remove their masks once there. Closest seats to the platform will be at least 12 feet away.

  • Bathrooms: Attendees are asked to sanitize areas after use. Initially, only the handicapped bathroom will be open for use.

  • Singing: We are allowing quiet singing with masks on. 

  • Children’s and Teen Ministries: We will not yet provide these ministries.

  • Sanitizing Procedures: The building will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before and after the worship service.

  • Safety Recommendation: We understand that the decision to worship in person or through the livestream is a personal one. As you consider attending, we encourage you to take into account the advice of your health care provider regarding your own personal risk of complications from COVID 19, especially if you are at higher risk, over 65, or have chronic health conditions. We are committed to doing our best to reduce the risk (it is impossible to guarantee no risk) through the protocols mentioned above. We welcome anyone who desires to worship in person who can clear the screening process, wear a mask, and socially distance.