Thank you for choosing to support Edgewood Church and its ministries. 

When donating, please specify where you'd like your contribution to go:

General FundBenevolence Fund, or a specific project or event.

To donate to Ukraine you can use our regular donation link below by writing "Bishops Crisis Response Fund"
or "Ukraine" in the description. OR by using our direct bishops link further down the page.

Ukraine & Bishop's Crisis Response Fund

If you would like to support Ukraine and it's people during this time, you can donate directly using the link below. Feel free to share this link with others.


Where Does Giving Go?

You Choose! Our form allows you to click on what area you want to donate to.

General Funds staffing, daily operational expenses
2020 Vision: New building expenses + renovations
Healthy Harvest: Helps our local ministry provide supplies for tutoring, building costs and more.

General Missionary Funds: Goes to the missionaries, organizations, and ministries we support.
Set Free Rochester & Foster Parents: Helps us support the people we care about who are impacting the lives of the vulnerable.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this big change. We are ever so grateful!